Business Language Skills

Τσιόγκα Χαρούλα, Χατζηστεργιάδου Ανθή


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Business Language Skills is intended for Students of tertiary and vocational education as well as for those who have a practical need for English, in order to communicate within their career areas. The book assumes very little previous knowledge of the language, and thus maintaining a careful grading of material that embraces most of the basic business concepts, it moves rapidly through the basic structural features of the English language. In this sense it is a basic course book of Business Studies. The book consists of 15 units, each of which is divided into four interrelated sections. Each section accomplishes a specific goal and has a particular focal point

People and Companies

- Simple Present, Adverbs of Frequency Jobs and Duties

- Present Continuous Careers

- Simple Past Executives - Past Continuous Job Pursuing

- Future Succeeding in Interviews

- Modals, Imperatives Business Locations

- Some, Any, No, A lot, Much, Many a.o. Business Performance

- Present Perfect Comparing Companies

- Comparisons Qualifications

- Appointments

- Passive Voice Programming Production

- Past Perfect Business Cultures

- Conditionals Setting up a New Business

- Indirect Speech Marketing Activities

- Indirect Questions Unemployment

- Relative Clauses Irregular Verbs,

Glossary, Bibliography